Investing in rental properties for UBC students is an excellent way to generate income while also becoming a part of our passionate and energetic community. There are many properties both within the UBC campus and its surrounding area that would be ideal for students to rent while they complete their studies.

The only question becomes how to reach students who are looking for a home. Flyers pinned to notice boards do not have quite the same impact that they used to, after all. Instead, consider leveraging social media as a way to get your properties noticed and ensure that they have consistent renters year after year. Here are some ways to accomplish this goal:


Take Great Pictures

Your first step in selling the product you offer — in this case rental properties — is to let buyers know what they are getting. Attractive photos entice users to click on the first picture and then look through the information you have, increasing their interest in signing a lease. Some general tips on taking great property photos include:

  • Get the entire property exterior inside the frame using a wide-angle lens or similar technique. Leave out neighboring houses unless you want additional photos emphasizing the area’s qualities.
  • Take your exterior photos in the brightest daylight possible. Borrow an umbrella lamp for interior photos.
  • Give students a “tour” of the home by photographing rooms in succession while describing how the layout flows from one area to the next
  • Include very specific information about rent amount, number of rooms/baths, lease terms and other important facts in the album description


Post Consistently

Your most active time of the year will likely be in the summer when the new semester is about to start, but that is not the only time of year people think about houses. Post about your listings six or more months before they become available for lease. You will generate long-term attention and also boost your visibility by maintaining engagement throughout the year as opposed to just a few months.


Tap Your Friends List

Sites like Facebook have excellent paid, targeted marketing options, but using your friends to share is 100 percent free and creates a nice organic reach baseline. Ask anyone in the UBC or Vancouver community if they would share your listing photos and information just in case someone they know may need a place to rent.


Mix Up Your Content

Just blasting your wall with home listings is not always the best way to maintain engagement. Try to find interesting posts about the local area or articles about maintaining a home so that young students can get excited about the idea of living near UBC, not just the home they will be living in.


Following these guidelines should help you get more reach and increase the likelihood that people will be enquiring about your properties long before the new school year starts. To find beautiful UBC homes that any student would clamor to rent, visit our UBC real estate listings page.

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There may be no better place on earth to enjoy the summer months than the West Coast. With a very temperate climate and hardly a cloud in the sky, it is no wonder that Vancouver is constantly voted one of the most livable cities in North America.


Besides the great summer weather, the city is home to one of the premier Canadian universities. The University of British Columbia is an internationally recognized university that offers a full range of academic courses. The campus is home to some of Vancouver’s most spectacular scenery and beaches with diverse neighbourhoods and spectacular UBC homes. Here is a quick view at some of the exciting programs offered at UBC this summer.


Summer Programs and Camps

One of the exciting programs that will be offered through the University of British Columbia is a unique international ESL summer camp. This program is based out of the UBC campus with a diverse curriculum and schedule. It offers a complete cultural adventure steeped in an English learning environment, and is sure to provide you with a true West Coast Canadian experience. For more information, visit the UBC website.

The University of British Columbia will also be offering a Social Responsibility and Leadership Program. This program is aimed at students who are already highly proficient in the English language. Daily lessons in this program will provide students with a variety of topics that relate themes of successful leadership to a socio-cultural context. The Social Responsibility and Leadership Program is broken down into 3 modules:


1. Defining Leadership

This module’s focus will examine various leadership skills and styles and explore various types of goal setting and how to successfully apply them to different leadership styles.


2. Effective Leadership

Various characteristics of successful leaders in history are examined. These characteristics are then applied to small group activities within the classroom. In this module, an emphasis will be placed on group dynamics and non-verbal communication.


3. Learning through service

Applying their newly gained knowledge and skills from the first two modules, students will create a project for their peers. This project will focus on the importance of risk management while leading a group. For more information on the Social Responsibility and Leadership program, visit the UBC website.


Another great summer program is the Vancouver Summer Program (VSP). The VSP is a four week academic program that provides an opportunity for cohorts of students from cooperating universities to take an academic course through UBC. Some of the benefits of this program are the opportunity to study at a world renowned university, meet other students from other universities, to further improve your English skills while learning about Canadian values and society.


If you are looking for a great home near UBC to take part in their many offerings, view our listings or speak with one of our representatives today!

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If you are looking to sell or renovate your home and need to replace the flooring, there are many great options on the market to get the job done beautifully. When people think of linoleum, the first image that comes to mind might be that of plastic, fake tile flooring. Good news for you: vinyl and linoleum are two completely different materials.

True linoleum floors are ecologically friendly and beautiful. It is made of renewable materials and can last up to 40 years when it is given the proper care. This material was once revered as a luxury, even being used in the ballroom of the Titanic. Before you decide how to replace the floors in your UBC home, consider these great advantages of linoleum flooring.


It is Durable

Linoleum is one of the most durable materials that you can buy for flooring. It is water resistant and simple to clean, making it a perfect choice for high traffic areas and rooms such as the kitchen, bathrooms or laundry areas. With proper care, it does not fade or show excess wear over time.   


Cost Efficient

Wood, tile and even carpets can get very expensive. Linoleum is a cheaper alternative for beautiful flooring. This material gets a lot of bang for your buck and, since it lasts over an extended period of time, is a great investment. Using linoleum to replace or remodel floors can save you a lot of money both immediately and long term.


Eco Friendly

Though linoleum became a less popular choice among consumers, it is seeing sales steadily increase due to many factors, including being ecofriendly. True linoleum, not the vinyl imposter material, is made from natural, renewable resources such as cork dust, wood flour and linseed oil. It is biodegradable and will not release toxins into the environment as it decomposes.



People love the warm softness of linoleum compared to other floor materials. It is easy to cut and install, and if you happen to drop a dish, it is less likely to shatter. Linoleum traps more heat than tile, a major perk during the cold winter months.


Customizable Options

Linoleum comes in an endless amount of designs and color options. There is something to represent every person’s unique tastes. They can be customized to fit any theme or room, unlike many other floor materials.

Linoleum is a great option for those who are going to place their UBC home on the real estate market. It insures that you do not put excess money into a home that you might not get back in the sale, while also providing your buyers with quality floors that they will love. For more great tips on selling your home this season, visit our seller’s page and contact a UBC Real Estate representative today. 


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Vancouver real estate is on a huge boom these days. CBC News reports that benchmark prices for Metro Vancouver residential properties has increased 10.3 percent since 2014, putting the new benchmark price at $694,000. Sales have increased even more, soaring 28.4 percent when comparing June 2014 to June 2015. In total, 4,375 homes were closed on last month — 29.1 percent higher than the 10 year average.

All of this activity is great news for homeowners and others in the real estate business, but for buyers trying to relocate or switch from renting, navigating the frenzied atmosphere can be difficult. Here are some strategies to help you find the home you need while protecting yourself financially:


Don’t Get Sucked into Hype

Inventory may be moderately low, but remember that the home you have had your eyes on is not the only one you will ever find. Think about each home as one option of many rather than getting your heart set on a single property. Otherwise, you could find yourself behaving irrationally in an effort to beat out others who had their eye on it, too.

Bidding wars, seller incentives and other situations may end up leading you down a path that puts logic by the wayside. Instead, maintain perspective and keep to a budget. If your offer on a home becomes contested above your set budget, do not be afraid to walk away.


Keep up Your Defense

Most Vancouver markets have not yet gotten to this point, but areas in the US like Dallas, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia see so much competition for homes that buyers are trying to woo sellers with dangerously generous sales concessions. Many are waiving aspects like home inspections or appraisal contingencies, putting them at a huge risk. Should their finances fall through or they discover that the home has significant problems, they are now contractually stuck with no easy exit.

Similar to the above point, keep your wits about you and focus on your general goal while shopping, not a specific house. You have a right to services like a home inspection and an appraisal contingency that you should not waive for any place or anyone without good reason.


Find an Experienced Real Estate Agent

A skilled real estate agent with knowledge of the local market can often help you keep your head above water while also offering advice that makes transactions occur more smoothly. They may be able to help you find listings that have not yet attracted a frenzy of activity, or they could help you negotiate tougher with a seller who is trying to shut you out by raising their asking price or forcing you to compete with other buyers.

With your agent’s expertise at your back, you can go forth into the market more confidently and with sound professional advice to keep you from steering down the wrong path. To learn more about what a great UBC homes buyer’s agent can do for you, visit our buyer’s section.

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